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Become an educated trader in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Click the link on top of this page to open a trading account with a broker and make a deposit.


Over the recent 5 years, more than 2 million people visited our site learnt how to trade and invest. We’ve analyzed their learning and trading experience, as well as their actual results in trading. The results of our research uncovered one very interesting fact – people who skip the demo trading phase and start to trade on real money accounts from the very first days more often become profitable traders than those who decide to practice on demo accounts first. This happens because demo trading doesn’t involve one of the most important ingredients of the real trading – psychology and risks of losing real money.

Step 2

Send us an email to stating your full name and the email address you registered with the broker


Regulated brokers are obliged to keep your personal data confidential and they can’t share it with us without your clear consent. By providing us with the above-requested information, you give us your consent to ask the broker for a confirmation of your registration and deposit and you give your consent to the broker to disclose this information to us. It’s important to note that the broker will not tell us your deposit amount.

Step 3

Allow us up to 72 business hours to receive a confirmation from the broker. Once it’s received, we will contact you to welcome in our Premium Club and grant you with an access to our Nanodiploma programmes where you can choose your preferable path – become a Forex trader, an Investor or a Crypto trader (coming soon).

From your profile page on, you’ll be able to join our Signal community in Slack (available as a desktop, iOS and Android app with immediate notification about all our signals) with a 20-60% return p.a. on average over the last seven years.


Depending on a broker, 70-90% of their retail clients trading CFD products are losing their money. The other 10-30% of traders, the winning ones, have either completed trading courses or learnt from their own mistakes, and by saying mistakes here we mean that they were losing money for years, again and again, until they understood how the market actually works and how to make consistent profits. Of course, there is a small group of people who win their money just because they are lucky, but they usually end up losing their money later on.

We assume that you are smart and you want to take a serious approach to the market and be a professional trader, not a gambler. To make it happen, you can either spend years on self-learning or take a shortcut and find a mentor who will show you how the market works, how to profit from it and how to avoid unnecessary loses. And again, we assume that you are smart and you value your time, and this is why we are here with this offer to become your digital mentor in the world of trading, investing and personal finances.

Still not convinced?

Ok, let’s take a look at the cumulative return chart of our public $100,000 real money trading account here to show you that we know how things work on the financial markets. By the way, all our trades on this account are public and provided for educational purposes, but there are also many traders that replicate our performance by executing these signals on their own trading accounts.

Sign up for this offer today and never worry about your trades again – learn to trade, do practical projects, check your trade ideas with our signals and become a successful trader.

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